i dreamed a dream that i could be youtube famous

well haha this is really awkward…..
my stupidness just gone public lol

so this is my first video(sorta), its about how to be hipster, but it’s mostly just me making a fool out of myself. and for the hipsters out there im sorry if i offended you, but really, no hard feelings, i think you guys are super cool, especially the fact that you guys only eat veggie, its like u guys are blessed with jesus power, cause i could never live a day without meat no matter how hard i try. 
i’ll probably be making videos like this every week, although sometimes ill get lazy or ill get distracted by other fancy stuff… so yeah hope u guys will like what im doing, this is something i wanted to do for a long time(not particularly this video, but the the idea of making youtube videos) do what you love, and love what you do. haha. 
if you’re willing to help out this weird girl, plz message me, cuz that girl in the video needs some serious mental help. also if you have any suggestions or ideas for my next video plz leave a comment below, and if you want to see more of these weird vids, plz like and subscribe to my channel, ill be really thankful
lastly, it took me lots of balls to do this, so if you see me at skl tmro, do not punch me in the face, cuz i don’t hav the money to go plastic surgery, or maybe it’s a good idea, ill just tell my mom to pay. punch me! so i can be beautiful
oh and no money was hurt during the filming process, and i was wearing pants the whole time
loll so thats it, the long ass paragraph ends here. if you’re still reading, thank you sooo much for this, love yah :))


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